‚ÄčI N T E R E S T E D  I N   C H A N G I N G   L I V E S ?

J O I N  O UD R E A M  T E A M

Living Independently is for Everyone exists to help adults with disabilities live, work and thrive within their community. Our company provides two different services to help adults who have disabilities live a life of dignity and pursue their dreams.

In our Independent Living Services (ILS)you will be able to work  1 on 1 with different clients to  help them maintain their independence. If you enjoy having flexible hours and working 1 on 1 with clients you will appreciate a job like this!

In our Community Based Day- Program (CBP)  you will work with three (3) clients on a daily bases and teach them social, vocational and independent life skills. If you enjoy teaching you will enjoy a job like this!

We are currently  accepting applications for the following positions listed below. Chose the position you are most interested in by clicking one of the options below.