Cayenne and her friends from program enjoying a nice row boat outing after a nice walk in the park.

Carl had a rough start in life but overcame many challenges. He went from being a destructive member in our society to a constructive member in our society. He is a servant and works extremely hard to maintain a good quality of life. We were fortunate to serve Carl by helping him find a job and get him involved in activities he enjoys.

"I used to do bad things but now I changed my life" - Carl

Micheal (left ) and Joseph (right) are best friends. We call them the friends who stick closer than brothers. They met  in our day program in 2007 and over the last 9 years their friendship has blossomed into a bond that is one of a kind. They look out for one another, encourage each other and help each other reach life goals. Mike has helped Joseph enhance his reading skills and Joseph has taught Mike to laugh and "live a little". They are like peas in a pod. They have a friendship and a bond that many search for their whole lives and sometimes never find. Currently they both work at a Sr. Center where they serve over 500 meals. They find satisfaction and meaning in their jobs. Both Joseph and Mike
L I V E ,  W O R K , A N D T H R I V E within their community.

Cayenne has been with us since the early developments of our agency. Over the last several years, she has made significant improvements in her health, career and coping skills. When she started our agency she had a goal to become a healthy Cayenne. To date, she has lost close to 50 pounds. Cayenne desired to  W O R K  and earn a paycheck. Currently she is an dedicated employee at Walmart. Cayenne has worked for Walmart for over 5 years and each year she (like everyone else) earns a wage increase. Cayenne finds meaning and purpose in her job and she truly T H R I V E S  when she is at work helping customers, taking calls and executing her assigned tasks for the day. She has had to overcome a lot of challenges to become who she is today. However, at this point in her life she can confidently stay 3 things:  1) I've lost close to 50 pounds because I made better choices 2) My hard work and dedication has allowed me to keep my dream job and 3) My dignity, the helped I received from others, and the choices I made has open doors for me to live the life I deserve to L I V E.

‚Äč"We make LIFETIME memories here at LIFE."

"Thank you for everything!"

"....where the magic moments in LIFE happens."